4 Methods to Pray Rosary Intentions

We opened this rosary prayer wall to give people a way to ask for strength, comfort, peace, and hope through prayers and the rosary. Often we are not quite sure how to effectively incorporate this into our usual rosary meditations. Any way that you ask our Holy Father, Our Blessed Lady, and the Holy Spirit to help others in our prayers will be heard, but here are 4 different methods to try.

ONE – Before beginning the normal rosary prayers, you can ask for your intentions for a particular person or reason. For example:

“Heavenly Father, please accept this rosary for the intention of __________”.

TWO – Before each decade of Hail Mary prayers, you can ask for different intention. You can ask for specific intercessions for different things or different people for each decade. For example, before the beginning of each decade:

“Lord, let these prayers be for the benefit of ____________________”.

THREE – You can ask for intercession for multiple people or needs at the beginning of the rosary. This is similar to the method one, however, here you can list all the different people and reasons you are praying.

FOUR – You can specifically ask for intentions on the beginning 3 Hail Mary prayers which are usually prayed for faith, hope, and love. You can pray for greater embracing of faith for another person, or for someone to have hope, etc. For example, before the 2nd Hail Mary prayer for hope:

“Blessed Mother Mary, please intercede now for Carol and her sick infant for greater hope and trust in Jesus.”

I do not think you need to identify specifically the name of a person you want to pray for. I believe God will know who you are praying for when you ask, so even if someone leaves a prayer request anonymously, I think the Lord knows who we are offering our Rosary prayers for. So you don’t have to have a name. Example:

“Eternal Father, in Jesus’ name I pray this rosary through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Please accept my prayers for the woman who is needing a miracle for her sick premature infant.”

ONE LAST THOUGHT – If your Rosary often starts with a list of intentions and petitions, put aside time to pray a Rosary dedicated to just thanking God for what you have been given, especially if a prayer was answered!