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G Turner

Satan seems to be trying really hard to attack my life, get me to lose hope, get discouraged, etc. I'm in a situation if ever there was one. Needing major deliverance in my mind/soul/psyche as there is so much bondage present there. Struggling with fear, lots of torment in the mind, anger, very bad insomnia. Then I'm waiting on some doctors to kind of get it in gear and do their parts as well. With some of the problems that I have, it's very hard to maintain jobs, and relationships with alot of the women out there. I think this is kind of sad because most people think I'm a nice looking and a smart person, but it's like these issues are way too complex for many of them to solve. Then this in turn is putting me in a compromising position where it's alot easier to fall into the temptation of things like pornography, etc. I otherwise likely wouldn't be, then that's partly what's opened the doors wide to demonic oppression/attack/torment. I just don't know how much more this cycle I can take of this keep playing out like this.

Received: December 23, 2023